Monday, February 21, 2011

In Living Color: Mundane but Vivid Everyday Things

Greek yogurt in a coffee mug.

Gouda cheese pin cushion.

Blueberries for William (pre-puree).

Cookie batter.

My side of the bathroom drawer. I've had the control paste literally since 2005.

Jewelry is STILL unorganized.

I'd been looking all over for these guys. Maybe I'll find my long-lost best gold hoop earrings when I organize that mess of jewelry. Probably not.

Peanut butter icing.

Happiness is a diet coke at 3 pm.

I love you Kitchen-Aid mixer. The only thing that would make you more awesome is if you were pink with painted sprinkles. And a cherry on top.

Please know that it was Don's idea to get french fries, not mine.

Pureed strawberries for William. Making baby food is the most gratifying kitchen task ever.

Decapitated strawberries' heads. Poor little things.

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