Thursday, January 6, 2011

Awkward Moments

I seem to have a lot of them these days. Tonight, Don, my father-in-law, and I were sitting in the living room after William was asleep.

Someone gave my in-laws the Inception Blue-Ray DVD for Christmas. Don asked his dad what the movie was about, and Don's dad said, "You know, it's weird. This guy has the ability to infiltrate your dreams."

Thinking it would be really funny, I blurted to my father-in-law, "Ha. I have that ability, too. See you in your dreams tonight."

The room got quiet before both guys started laughing. Luckily, my father-in-law is a gracious and well-mannered cowboy who didn't make too much fun of my faux pas.


  1. Hey Mary-Beth,
    I was reading Meg's blog Whatever just a moment ago, reading the comments actually. Don't you love her blog? anyway, I was reading yours asking about birth stories and you being worried about having more children naturally. I had my first daughter through c-section, actually emergency c-sec because they lost her heartbeat and feared the worst. It was so good they did it, because when she was delivered she was blue and had an Apgar score of 1. My husband said it was the worse thing he's ever seen. But today she is a fine and healthy almost 13 year old! AFter her birth though we were scared to have another child, but God had other plans as I got pregnant 3 months (3 MONTHS!!!!) afterwards. I really wanted to experience natural childbirth and my doctor was all on board for a v-bac (vaginal birth after c-sec). I had my second daughter 9 months later naturally (although quickly - 4 hours!) and I can honestly say it was fine. Although I will tell you for me healing from the c-sec was easier than the vaginal birth and I only had a couple of stitches. But boy, those 2 stitches were in all the wrong places! :-) I just wanted to write to you to let you know that you can have a v-bac if your doctor feels comfortable with it. I will say we had our second daughter in a different hospital, one equiped with a NICU just in case. You should check into it before you schedule your next c-sec! Hope all goes well.

  2. Hi Wendi, thanks for your story! I'm so glad to hear about your daughter being healthy and your successful v-bac. We definitely plan on trying for a v-bac with our next children. Thank you again for the encouragement!

  3. Hey girlie, helped me tremendously. The forums are a wealth of information and they also have webinars that you can listen to. There's a local chapter, too. :)

  4. Thanks, Catherine! Yep, they have lots of good info. :)