Friday, January 28, 2011

In Case Zombies Happen

In an effort to save money AND be more self-sufficient (you know, in case zombies happen), I baked Peter Reinhart's recipe for whole-grain bread. This wasn't an easy recipe. This sucker required 45 minutes of kneading and you have to get the dough pliable enough to stretch out and let the light shine through, which helps ensure it won't be a super dense loaf. But I did it. I was almost as proud of this bread as I was of William the second day he was born (the first day his head was still VERY cone-like).

Three bowls to start the dough.  
I had a helper as I kneaded. I'll give you a hint: he wears footed pajamas.

Window pane test. It passed with a B.

First rise.

Second rise.

Took a play break in the front yard. I love this tree. It's right over our house.

I left William alone while I took the bread out of the oven and look what happened! He tipped over his play mat.

I honestly don't even know how he did this, but I was impressed.

Pretty good, but not perfect. It'll be better next time around.

So satisfying: toasted homemade whole wheat bread with nut butter and sliced blackberries.

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