Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Food Resolution

Because William is now eating solid foods (and by eating, I mean tasting, gagging, and then spitting out), Don and I have made a resolution that we will only eat meals and snacks that we would not mind if William ate himself. I don't mean that we'll be eating frozen cubes of pureed carrots and breast milk. Siiiick.

I mean that we will be mindful of the fact that we are setting an example for William when we eat. 

Don is pretty lucky; he does not have a sweet tooth. I, on the other hand, had this for a snack yesterday:

And that may or may not have been my first piece. Because the only thing tastier than buttery homemade banana bread is buttery homemade banana bread with melted dots of milk chocolate. Lord, help me.

And then I was messing around with my camera and I took a picture of this:

And then I ate it. 

I don't think that a bite of milk chocolate here and there is going to hurt most people, but I want William to know that the food we choose to eat affects our health, our mood, and our energy levels. That's a lot for a 6 month old to understand.

But since he is a baby genius, I think he'll get it. 

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