Monday, January 24, 2011

You're Killing Me, Buster

Well, maybe Buster isn't killing me (you have seen Arrested Development, right?), but the green paint in our living room is. And the yellow paint in our dining room. And the khaki paint in William's nursery.  We've had a list of minor home improvement projects, like painting, to work on for over a year, and nothing was getting done. This weekend, we decided we have to complete all of these little projects soon, or our house will look the same in 5 years.

We're not afraid of color. Or painting. This will be our third time to paint the living room, and we've lived here a little over a year. The problem is that I choose paint colors that are too saturated (like the green), so we're repainting the whole house in calmer, more subdued colors.

See those blurry little books in the Maurice Sendak mini-library? Those fresh colors would be perfect on the walls in William's room. So we're repainting his nursery a very light and airy blue. Nothing too saturated or bold. It's a room for sleeping and rocking.

Our house is really a work in progress right now. I'm doing a photo collage around the entry to the kitchen, the lone cream-colored wall in that part of the house. It will be a different color pretty soon. And all those frames will be painted black. And the photos will be changed, too. Poor Don. You can see his reflection in the kitchen windows. He thought he was hiding from my camera! I'm trying to convince him to build a banquette underneath those windows and I'll sew a ton of cheerful cushy pillows for it. I can so see William sitting in his pj's on a Saturday morning on that non-existent banquette, while Don makes pancakes. And I'll be lounging in bed while someone fans me with a feather and feeds me chocolate covered espresso beans from a silver spoon. A girl can dream.

I hope this little guy likes his new nursery. We just have to choose the colors...


  1. LOVE redecorating! It's not JC Pennys! Ha. (and I love arrested dpt) Okay,,,, I'm officially following you on google reader!

  2. I love subdued khakis and greys in living rooms, I know it's cliche....I think what you've picked out will look super cute in your living room!