Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Week in Pictures

Ours was not nearly as memorable as the one posted on CNN.

Don feeling sick and cold.

New floors are in. Woohoo!

Knock out gas.

Teething, teething, teething. My finger is his favorite chew toy.

Practicing standing. He is so close to crawling.

More new wood floors. So much better than the light maple for our color scheme.

Taken hours before Don started getting sick.

I am trying so hard to be careful with eating choices. My daily chocolate habit has got to stop. 

I caved and bought this ridiculously priced teething toy. It's worth it. 

Making lots of baby food. Pureed peaches. He LOVES homemade applesauce! Success!

It's been so cold for Austin. A whopping 28 degrees.

Don can always make William laugh, even when they're both feeling sick. They are both so gorgeous. I'm so glad William has Don's eyes.

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