Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Story in Pictures: Never Wake a Sleeping Baby

Especially with your camera clicking two inches from his face. I couldn't help myself; he just looked so angelic curled up next to the big pile of clean diapers to fold. Luckily he was distracted from crying by the sound of Don coming home from work. I'm so happy I caught his expressions on camera. William is so thrilled when Don walks through the door.

Napping sweetly.

More close-ups of these growing feet. I wish I could capture these baby feet forever.



Too close!

A paci helps.

Trying to touch the clicky thing.

He heard Don walk in the front door, but couldn't see him yet.

Watching Daddy walk into the room.

Listening to Don tell us about his day.

Watching as Don backed up and got a running start...

Who was crying 5 minutes ago? Not me. I love these boys so much. Even when they cry after a nap and forget to take out the trash.

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