Wednesday, January 19, 2011

That's Not How Mommy Doos It

When my little sister was about three years old, our mom had a cold. My little sister followed our dad around the house as he cleaned up and took care of us kids, saying, "That's not how mommy doos it," every few steps.  

Now that I am a sick mama, you would think I would be able to keep everything running on my own. You would think.

My mom offered to come help with William and the laundry while I was sick this week. Yes, please.

She fed my family nutritious food and made delicious hot comfort tea and made bright purple healthy smoothies for me. She took me to Borders and bought me a book. Most importantly, she did not judge me this morning when she saw me feed my son in the only way he will currently accept food: reclining on a boppy on the floor, half-asleep, while he lazily sucks pureed banana off of my finger, which he is so obviously confusing for a nipple. 

Thank you, Mom, for taking care of this grown daughter of yours. I hope I am half as awesome as you are when William is grown.

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