Thursday, January 6, 2011

He Knows My Name!

William said "mama" today. It wasn't like on TV or in the movies when a baby says a big, fat, emphatic "mama!" and slams his fist on his highchair tray. William's voice was so quiet I could have missed it. His grandma was playing with him and I was checking my e-mail during a quick break.

He said mama? He said mama! We hesitated, not sure if the quiet expression should be counted as a word or just babbling.

Am I really a mama? For a season I am. But then I will be a mommy, and then a mom, and eventually I will be (gasp) a mother.

As in, "My mother just called and she wants to know if we can drive down for the weekend. What do you think?"

I will relish these mama days for as long as they last.


  1. He said "MAMA" thats great, when did he say "dada"?

  2. You know quite well when he said dada for the first time. And may I remind you that you aren't supposed to comment on my blog? I love you anyway.